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Sunday Salon: November 11, 2012

What's going on in my life:
How can it have been two weeks already since my last Sunday Salon?!

We're finally having some cooler weather here in southern California and the house is filled with the small of baking blueberry muffins. Such a warm feeling! We even hit the Columbia outlet yesterday, purchasing fleeces for my daughter, my mom and my niece. I think I was a little confused this morning when I walked the dog in just a sweater and it was 48 degrees.

Work has been really busy with technology meetings, implementing our new learning management system (I am training my staff as well as the staff at a local junior high), doing iPad trainings, and installing AppleTVs in our classrooms. But, I am interacting with all of our staff so much more, which is fun. However, I have much less regular contact with students, which is too bad.

I haven't written about this much (if at all), but my daughter's health stuff is getting better. It's definitely a slow haul, but each week seems to be going in the right direction. The nice thing is it means she can add in more dance again. She loves it and it keeps us VERY busy driving the 50 minutes to Westlake Village a few times a week! We're off to Las Vegas next weekend for The PULSE dance convention where her group is performing on the Saturday night so I'll post photos next Sunday.

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