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Sunday Salon: October 6, 2012

What's going on in my life:
This week began with my daughter's 12th Birthday. I took her for a surprise kid's manicure after school (she loves doing her nails) and we had a family dinner. She celebrated with friends on the weekend.

Work has been super busy with technology workshops each Monday. It's good though, I feel like we are reaching a lot of the staff with the workshops and one-on-one sessions.

I finished The Woman Who Fell from the Sky by Jennifer Stiel and found it quite interesting. My next book is The Queen of Water by Laura Resau, a YA book my colleague recommended.

My daughter and I are in San Antonio, TX this weekend for Camp PULSE, a dance convention. The dancing is going really well with three choreographers: Lane Napper from Victorious (he acts in the show as well as choreographing all the dance); Janelle Ginestra from GLEE (choreographer); and David Moore (choreographer for the movie Step Up 3). Lots of high energy fun.

For a break in the dance activities, we hung out with Amanda (Reading and Running) who lives here in San Antonio! It was fun to meet her and her family. We just walked along the river walk and chatted.

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