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Sunday Salon: September 23, 2012

What's going on in my life:
I have been in two book groups for many years and this fall, I am in none. One has fallen apart. There were only four of us and often only three made it to the meetings. The second book group I started in 1991 with a friend. She has long since moved out of town, but this fall with everything that is going on, especially my non-reading, I am not eager to be in a book group.

I realize that with the reading I do for work and for blogging, to add other books each month was becoming a chore instead of a pleasure. I will definitely miss the women, but at least I get to see two of them at work every day.

I finished a book, I finished a book! I'll be posting the review for Attica Locke's The Cutting Season on Tuesday as part of a TLC Tour. Boy, it feels good to finish a book... did I ever think that would feel like an accomplishment?!

Today I get to shop with my librarian colleague for books! We have a bunch of money to spend so it should be really fun. I have other work news which is both sad and good. A teacher from my school (who retired long ago) died last weekend. He requested that any donations people wanted to make in his memory be made to my library at the high school! Isn't that sweet?!

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