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Sunday Salon: September 9, 21012

What's going on in my personal life:
I am still on a blogging break, which has also turned into a reading break, which feels really strange. You all know how it is, we read. A lot. A couple books a week and in the summer more. I haven't finished a book in weeks. Well, that's not true, but the only one I've "read" is the one my daughter is reading for school. She reads aloud and I listen. I hoped it would get her back into reading and I think it's working. She read 70 pages of it on her own yesterday (of course, now I don't know what's happening in the story)!

We're still dealing with health issues in my family, all of which are fixable, it will just takes time and lots of work. And this is why I am taking a blogging break. But, I like the idea of checking in once a week on a Sunday so I think I will try to continue doing that.

School started August 27 for us and this year it brought about some big changes for us:

  • My daughter started 7th grade so is in junior high! She got the perfect schedule with great teachers so she is really enjoying it. It has been interesting to watch the elementary friendships already start to break down as some kids move on to boys and socializing and others (my daughter included) who are not yet ready for that world. So far she seems okay with that split, though she finds it interesting. I think it helps that we talked about the changes before school began. Her favorite class so far? Art
  • My job is a bit different this year. I am now one third Teacher Librarian and two thirds Technology Coach. It is a bit strange to only be in the library in the afternoons; I feel disconnected and out of it. The technology side is keeping me super busy! We started up with a new website and learning management system this fall so I am trouble shooting, helping teachers, creating workshops (for iPads in the curriculum as well), and working one-on-one with teachers. I am definitely enjoying it
I hope all of you are doing well out there in Blog Land!

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