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Sunday Salon: August 19, 2012

What's going on in my personal life:
Oh my gosh. It's been a month since I've done a Sunday Salon! That either means I am totally lagging or totally busy. I'll go with the latter.

Our trip to England for the Olympics was wonderful. If you care and didn't read those posts you can do so here (Olympics) and here (non-Olympic stuff).

August is somehow flying by. We were in Los Angeles for a week for my daughter to do a dance intensive. Then the next week we were in Westlake (about 50 minutes south) for another one. This is what is cramping my blogging and reading style. Lots of driving and chatting to moms ("dance moms" who are nice!).

Work seems to be creeping into my summer (how dare it!). For some reason teachers and administrators like to start scheduling meetings a couple weeks before school begins. Why?! So I've been going to school every few days for meetings. And I have visited every doctor possible; talk about feeling poked and prodded! I always get all this done before school begins so I don't have to deal with it during the school year.

This summer I started to feel older (my 47th Birthday was in July). I have frozen shoulder (from my mouse being in a REALLY bad position all last school year), which is painful. And in LA I got some random infection in my right index finger so am on anti-biotics. And I need to lose weight. Okay, enough complaining.

What's going on with my reading:
My summer reading certainly has not been up to the standards of past summers (see the above section for my excuses). I do have a few review requests that I need to get done, but one of them is really NOT appealing to me after 10 pages so I'll really have to push myself on that one.

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