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Sunday Salon: November 6, 2011

Family and Life:
I did the dumbest thing on Thursday night. I am so embarrassed to admit this.... When I parked my car in the garage we were in a rush to get into the house and I didn't turn the car off so it ran all night long! I drive a hybrid so they are virtually silent and there is no key. Those are my excuses. My parents' bedroom is above the garage and apparently they kept waking up all night to the sound of an engine turning on but had no idea what was going on! The best part? It started right up in the morning even though it had been running on battery all night long (and that's why the garage didn't stink of car fumes).

My mom has been getting into genealogy since she retired and has tracked down a bunch of relatives we didn't know. One of them arrived from Britain last night (my dad's first cousin once removed or second cousin, I never know the appropriate term). Anyway, it's fun to hear old family stories, he brought photos with him (WWI and WWII era) and he also brought conscription and death notices from the war. As a history teacher that stuff is so interesting to me.

We got three fantastic new Student Assistants in the library this week so now we are at full capacity (2 per class period) and it feels great! It's such fun to have students who like to read, are good with the public and like to help out.

Books and Reading:
I bought a nice pile of books for work today from our awesome local indie store and immediately came home and read Playground by 50 Cent, pretty good book!

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