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Sunday Salon: October 2, 2011

Family and Life:
This past week flew by so quickly! Yesterday was my daughter's 11th Birthday so that was pretty much the focus for the day. I really lucked out this year and she invited 9 friends to have dinner at a local cafe on the beach. Once dinner and cake ended it was dark and we all headed out to the beach where the girls cracked open about 100 of those glo-sticks then spent an hour playing tag and just running around glowing in the dark. So simple, yet so fun! This picture is kind of crazy, but you get the idea

Things at work feel like they are settling down in general, which is good. Still lots of technology changes with new committees forming at the school and district level. I really hope they make a difference and we can actually get something done.

Banned Book Week was fun at school. I always do a display, but this year stole an idea from a fellow teacher librarian and added books in brown paper bags, which ended up being very beneficial and led to many fun discussions.

Books and Reading:
I got two very interesting books in the mail from my source at Penguin Books, Stacey Barney. She is usually spot on with the books she sends me for review and these two look really good
  • What You Wish For: a book for darfur (your favorite authors write about children who wish. Authors include Alexander McCall Smith, John Green, Meg Cabot, Jane Yolen, Joyce Carol Oates and more)
  • The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine (about an African-American girl passing as white in 1958 Little Rock, Arkansas)

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