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Sunday Salon: October 16, 2011

Family and Life:
I skipped last week, feeling like I just didn't have much to report. And this past week seems like it was crazy busy. Today was really fun though; we went to the local Lemon Festival (lemon ice cream, lemon desserts, rides, etc). The main goal of the day was my daughter's first performance with her new dance company, which was really fun. They are such a great group of girls.

I feel like I've had a victory in the technology front. I am going forward with changing all the computers in my Library to Internet Kiosks (removing all software). We're going to introduce students to Gmail and Google Accounts so that they can use Google Docs for file storage, transportation, and creation.

I know the transition has the possibility of being tiring, but I am really excited for the change and not dealing with all the different software files that students bring in that aren't compatible with our software!

Books and Reading:
This past week has been pretty good for reading. I went shopping today for books for school and am cheating by starting one of the. I hope to finish it before Monday: Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

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