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Getting to know me...

I saw this meme on a few blogs and thought I would play along...

Age: 46

Bed Size: Queen

Chore that you hate: Anything that involves cleaning. I like picking up since I am a bit of a neat-freak, but I hate cleaning

Dogs: We have a miniature poodle, but I am not really a "dog person"

Essential start to your day: Wheat toast with Marmite

Favorite colors: Oddly, this changes each day and I tend to choose clothes for the day in the color I feel good about on that morning. But often that is purple or turquoise 

Gold or Silver: Definitely silver

Height: 5'5"

Instruments you play: I took piano as a child and can still play simple stuff

Job Title: High school Teacher Librarian

Kids: a daughter

Live: California

Mother-in-Law's name: I am divorced and my mother-in-law died in 2007. Her name was Zakia, but we called her Lulu, which means Pearl

Nicknames: only my brother and sister-in-law call me anything except my real name because, really, what are you going to do with "Helen"? And no, I do not want to be called Melon

Overnight hospital stays: One night when I gave birth to my daughter

Pet Peeves: People who are late. To me, it's just rude

Quote from a movie: "This one goes up to 11." from Spinal Tap

Right or Left handed: Right

Siblings: One younger brother (that's us in 1969!)

Time you wake up: During the week, around 5:00am and on weekends around 6:00 or 6:30am (yes, I go to bed early)

Underwear: yes (did you really think I'd tell you what kind?)

Vegetable you hate: Any that aren't fresh. Oh and asparagus

What makes you run late: Nothing (see pet peeve)

X-Rays you've had: I can't remember having any except for my teeth

Yummy food that you make: Pasta turkey

Zoo animal: My favorites are the gibbons

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