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Sunday Salon: September 11, 2011

Family and Life:
The past three days have been filled with dance company auditions for my daughter. Very stressful and emotional for her and, surprisingly for me. I realize it's tough not to get caught up in wanting one's child to perform their best, to have their hard work acknowledged, and for them to succeed at their goals. This morning was particularly tense as we had to wait until 1:30 to see the audition results. My daughter got moved up to the next Dance Company level, I am so proud of her and her reaction was wonderful!

I am finally getting over the cough that lingered for a couple weeks! Luckily, I never felt sick, just coughed and sounded a bit croaky.

Things are beginning to settle down at work. I've been visiting a lot of classes and doing book talks, which I really enjoy. It's fun to try to convince reluctant readers that there really is a book out there for them (and that I have the ability to pick a good book for them)!

Books and Reading:
Such a slow reading week! It is always difficult for me to return to work and have my reading practically come to a halt after a summer of fast reading.

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