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Sunday Salon

Family and Life:
Another week of dance camp for my daughter with a really great show on Thursday evening! I love the laid-back feeling at these half-hour shows and the kids have so much fun.

Friday was a fun day with my daughter getting her hair died peacock colors. Her top layer is still natural brown, but when she puts her hair up you can see the purple, blue, greens, and turquoise. It's kind of difficult to tell in this picture, but the woman did a great job!

Next we went to the Harry Potter movie! I really enjoyed the movie, it was tense, exciting, followed the book, had awesome special effects, and totally satisfied me. I even got all teary during the Snape story! Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think?

I got my official letter saying I have my 100% job back so that feels good to see it in writing. On Friday I had two tech committee meetings, which are really interesting. We're getting wi-fi installed at all the district's schools, with the goal of having it in the high schools for the start of the school year! We're also trying to decide on a uniform way to incorporate tablets (iPads?) into the classrooms: flat screen TVs with Apple TV versus data projectors. I think we're leaning toward the TVs and the best part was that our new superintendent was there and he is so supportive of technology and of getting stipends for those that do the work!

Books and Reading:
I finally got a chunk of reading done this week so that felt good and I am are still working my way through Shantaram with the read-a-long. The Middle East Reading Challenge ends July 31 so if you'd like to participate you've got about two weeks left. I will start it up again in January.

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