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Sunday Salon

Family and Life:
We had an absolutely fantastic time on Orcas Island with my friends. The kids got along well, the adults had fun and we relaxed, laughed, and just had a wonderful time. I wrote about it in Orcas Part I and Orcas Part II. Now we're back home, gearing up for another week of dance camp for my daughter and I will be working on all the photos I took. Here's one of the male deer we saw every day at the house on Orcas (we also got to see his wife and kids each day, but I didn't get a good photo).

It's summer so nothing to report here!

Books and Reading:
I didn't read as much as I expected on our vacation, but that means we were busy, busy, which is really good and fun. I've got to read 32 Candles today so that I can post for the tour on Monday!

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