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Orcas Island Part II

Here's part two of the trip...

Monday (July 4)--Since we had no car we spent the morning hanging out at the rental house. I rented us a van so we could venture forth after lunch. Rumor has it one of us needs to go to Burlington (that trip includes an hour ferry ride!) to get a new tire. Ugh. After lunch we headed to Deer Harbor where we did a three-hour kayaking trip, which was fabulous! We saw seals, but not much else in the way of wildlife. It was so peaceful and beautiful! The fireworks here don't start until 10:30 since we're so far north. My daughter and I decided to skip them (I know, how un-American) since it was so late and we were pretty wiped out from all the sun today.

Tuesday--While my friend and one of his twins borrowed a car to take the tire to the mainland the rest of us had a fantastic day! We went to Right Place Pottery where the kids painted the object of their choice (to be picked up Wednesday after firing) then we hit Orcas Island Pottery, the oldest pottery place in the Northwest. 21 artists work and show their wares in a beautiful English style garden. Wooden tables and driftwood stands display the art throughout the garden, which has a million dollar view of the sound. There are also benches for picnics and swings for the kids. Oh, and a two-story tree house! Next to Cascade Lake in Moran State Park for swimming and hanging out. My daughter had never swum in a lake before and she really appreciated the no-salt-no-chlorine part. After a yummy Italian dinner we stopped by another beach where the kids made boats out of driftwood and ended up dunked in the sound fully clothes. They had a blast!

Wednesday--our last  full day on Orcas..... We got a late start today (isn't that what vacation is all about?) and headed back to both pottery places before a visit to an alpaca farm! The kids had a great time herding the animals, feeding them, and petting them. Boy are those alpacas adorable! After lunch we headed back to Moran State Park and all the way up to the top for a 360 degree view of the islands, which was spectacular! Back down to Cascade Lake for more swimming rounded out the day.

Thursday--We caught the early ferry across to Anacortes and made our way back to Bainbridge Island. My daughter and I had planned to stay at a hotel in Seattle for the final night of our vacation, but we're all having too much fun so we're staying at my friend's house tonight and we'll head over to the airport mid-day tomorrow. We're thinking Maui for spring break next year....

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