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Sunday Salon: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Family and Life:
Well, Beauty and the Beast is over and it was a good experience for my daughter even though she only had a tiny part. I think it showed her that the theater can be really fun even though the hours are long. In the fall they are doing Hairspray and she wants to audition (can anyone say Little Inez?!)
Friday was really fun for two reasons, both of which are related, sort of. I took a really nice walk with a friend from high school who is in town for a while and we walked along the ocean front and out onto the wharf. Perfect timing because we got to see a pod of dolphins and a bunch of sea otters playing together!  Then that evening we returned to the wharf with our kids and watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on a huge outdoor screen! It's a new summer time thing our town is trying and it was really fun. And, really, Harrison Ford on a large screen? As we watched the movie an almost full orange moon rose over the ocean. It's all good.

Today we head off on our first "vacation" of the summer. My daughter and I are headed to Stanford University to attend a camp/class each. Digital Media Academy was founded by Stanford media educators, but they now do summer programs at about 10 universities around the country. I am doing digital photography and Photoshop while she will be doing acting and filmmaking (and learning Final Cut Pro for the editing). We go to our separate classes from 9:00 to 5:00 each day for a week and then we'll have the evening to swim at the hotel and tell each other all the stuff we've learned. I am REALLY looking forward to this!

Today is Father's Day. Not a big deal in our family (as with all the "Hallmark" holidays) and my dad is overseas right now so I won't be seeing him for another week or so. However, I do want to acknowledge him today for pushing me, expecting a lot of me, supporting me, and giving me a wonderful life, thanks Dad! It's funny, Father's Day makes me think of being a child so I chose a photo that is just how I think of my dad from my childhood: bright red hair and flowered shirts (it was the '70s after all)

Our School Board met this week and we all expected to hear about getting our jobs back, but they didn't do anything about it. Perhaps at the next Board meeting on June 28. The good news is that classified workers (including the Library Assistants) got their jobs back!

Books and Reading:
The Shantaram read-a-long is humming along and so far I'm 300 pages in (1/3 done). These last 4 chapters were my favorites so far. The descriptions are fantastic and the experiences of the main character (based on the author's life) are amazing

My reading goal  this summer is that each week I'll read 100 pages in Shantaram, an adult book and a YA book. So far I am doing that and sometimes a little more so that is fun.


Athira said...

Love those pictures! You are right - father's day makes me also think of when I was a kid. I love the outdoor screen experiment that your town was trying out - it can be so much fun!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I really enjoyed the movie on the wharf! We're going to miss Footloose this month, but in August and September they are showing Grease, Toy Story, Shrek and Never Ending Story