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Sunday Salon: Armchair BEA

Family and Life:
This week seems to have flown by at an alarming speed, which is probably because I spent every afternoon going to the local theater for either a tech rehearsal, a dress rehearsal, or a dance show. I definitely like the buzz around a theater for a show: the costumes, the energy, the lights, the music, the flowers, it's all good. I was really proud of my daughter last night. She not only danced well, but she performed well (I call it "doing good face") and that is the aspect of her dancing that she has really been working on.

There may be good news regarding my job in the next month (fingers crossed! Or, if you're in Britain, fingers round). Unification of our school district came through, which brings in $6 million more per year from the state and California seems to have "found" or "received" an additional $6 billion some of which the Governor would like to direct to education.

I am also really excited about a project I am doing with my new principal to get iPads into the hands of all our teachers. 28 are buying them this summer!

Books and Reading:
Aths from Reading on a Rainy Day (there is a Mr Linky on that link) and I have announced our Shantaram read-a-long and hope some of you will join us. We begin June 1.

I am participating in Armchair BEA since I cannot go to New York for the real thing. I'll be posting an interview with a fellow blogger, appearing on someone else's site in an interview, and I am sponsoring about 6 give-aways on the official Armchair BEA site. So, lots of fun things going on!


JoV said...

I wish you all the very best Helen! Hope all the teachers including yourself gets an i-pad!

Tif Sweeney said...

Wow! 28 iPods in the hands of teachers! That is such a great project!!

Can't wait to see your posts for Armchair BEA! I'm so glad that I got to interview you and discover your blog! :)

Athira said...

Woohoo! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and round for you on the job front. It's so exciting to hear good news! And can you pretend for a moment that I'm a teacher at your school. I won't tell any one. :)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Jov--I already got an iPad free with a class that I am taking this summer, but I am loving it

Tif--We are really excited about the iPad project and I'll be doing trainings for the teachers throughout the year

Aths--I'd love to pretend you work at my school... do you think anyone would notice? :-)

Carina (Reading Through Life) said...

Holy iPads, batman!