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Top Ten Tuesday: Books to read in 2011

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This meme was created because they are particularly fond of lists. 

Top Ten Bookish (and blogging) goals for 2011...
  1. Comment more. I need to learn to be more efficient with my Google Reader. I subscribe to too many blogs and so sometimes I find that I just click through and read but don't comment. I love the conversations so this year I resolve to comment more
  2. Read for me. I want to read more books that I chose rather than take on tour books that I don't really want to read. I've been known to take on a tour book or book from an author because of guilt.
  3. Abandon earlier. I need to abandon books earlier if they aren't suiting me. This doesn't happen very often, but I tend to give a book about 75 pages before giving up. How many pages do you go before you know a book just isn't for you?
  4. More reading time. At this point it's only half an hour just before I go to bed and that just isn't enough. I'd like to add reading during my lunch break (only 30 minutes, but still, it's something)
  5. Track books. I'd like to do a better job of writing down books I see on other people's blogs that I know I would like
  6. Empty the TBR shelf. My TBR shelf has gotten a bit out of control and I need to read what I've got before buying more. I am doing a challenge this year to help with this
  7. Book displays. Do better book displays at work (I am a high school teacher librarian)
  8. SSR (Silent Sustained Reading). I want to create a great SSR lesson to do in the freshman classes at work. Mine is a bit weak.
  9. My daughter. I want to help my daughter get back into reading like she was doing last year. She read a lot and loved the books I found for her. This year (5th grade) she has so much homework that reading for pleasure has taken a real dive.
  10. My Kindle. I'd like to use my Kindle more effectively. I know I'll only use it when I travel, but I tend to avoid even that and take stacks of books. So I resolve to take only the Kindle when I travel this year.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

I'm surprised that you avoid the Kindle and take along stacks of books, and now I wonder if that's because you like the feel of holding a book as you read or something else, like maybe harder to read or heavier or something. You have a good list here.

brandileigh2003 said...

I need to work on getting my TBR under control too.
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Genevieve said...

Hi Helen, I really enjoy reading your blog. One way I found to track books I wanted to read was that on my account page for my library allows you to make lists. I called mine the TBR list and every time I come across a book I would like to read, I add it to the list. I use to write them down but I kept losing the list.

Doret said...

I used to finish everything,. Now I am quick to say bye bye, if a book isn't working for me.

There's simply not enough time and there are too many good books I could be reading

Short Story Slore said...

I read during my 30 minute lunch break and as long as no one interrupts me, I get a lot of reading done. As for tracking books, I have a Word Doc saved that I pull up when reading other blogs and add to the list with a little comment about what it's about or who recommends it. Helps so much when it comes to book buying.

Anonymous said...

Love #2, I need to read more for me as well.

Anonymous said...

I need to use my Kindle a bit more too! I love it but it does tend to get pushed aside in favour or pretty new books out from the library or new arrivals!

How long I give books tends to depend on how long the actual book is. Shorter novels I give about 50-70 pages, big chunksters I'll give 100-150 as it sometimes takes quite a bit of time to set the backstory etc. I have learned the beauty of ditching books that don't interest me though! I used to struggle through them but now I just think why bother? There's so many other books out there!

Veens said...

I don't know, I keep on trying to get into the book - I do not abandon easily. I need to work on that. I love my iPad and prefer it while travelling :) I think you should give it a try.

Jen said...

I use Goodreads to track my books. Books I've read this year, own, books on my TBR list. It works really well for me.

I hope your daughter enjoys reading again! Just wait till she gets older and gets assigned more homework. It never ends! :)

Best of luck with all of your resolutions and thanks so much for participating this week!

Jen at The Broke and the Bookish

Gerbera Daisy Diaries said...

Amen to #2.

Athira said...

#2 and #4 are goals for me too, this year! I sure hope to read more this year, and that too more of the books I want to read as opposed to tour books.

Anonymous said...

Like Jen, I've started to use goodreads as a way to keep track of my TBR list. If someone recommends a book to me, I usually look it up on there and their summary often helps me to decide if I want to read it at some point or not.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Bonnie--I must admit I am a tactile reader! I love to feel the book, see the cover, and touch. But, once I am on vacation I am happy with the kindle.

Brandileigh--The TBR shelves just keep getting fuller and fuller!

Genevieve--I actually keep track of my TBR list on this blog, something I started to do fairly recently. It definitely makes me feel more secure that I won't forget about books I want to read.

Doret--I am so glad that I am not the only one who wants to quit icky books early. I figure there are so many good ones out there I shouldn't waste my time on books I am not enjoying!

Short Story Slore--I have also started a "books to buy" word doc with the recommender's name on it, too!

Music4Betty, Gerbera Daisy--#2 seems popular. Reading for "me" sounds like bliss.

1girl--I can't imagine waiting 100 pages to toss a book. I usually give a book 50 to 75 pages.

Veens--I admire you for sticking with a book that you aren't thrilled with!

Jen--I have a Goodreads account, but am SO bad at updating it!

Aths--I loved the amount of books I read last year so would love to duplicate that, especially if all the books are as good as the ones from 2010.

Bibliophilica--Updating Goodreads is now on my "to do list"... one of these days.

christina said...

Please tell me your secret to blog reading & commenting efficiency if and when you find it. :) I still feel like I struggle sometimes. (Who am I kidding; all the time!)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Christina--The ever elusive blogging/commenting/reading dilemma. I am trying to comment on all Saturday Snapshots, Sunday Salons, and It's Mondays that are in my reader. Then there's all the reviews....