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Bloggiesta: organizing email

Trish over at Hey Lady! has a mini-challenge/information post about keeping our email organized and under control. It is so easy for email to get out of hand; I have seen people at my work who have hundres of emails in their inboxes. How do they do it?! Here are some of Trish's tips and my response:

  • Keep your inbox clean--I am a neat freak so this is my natural inclination
  • Unsubscribe--I get all this email from stores and groups that I just don't care about and so, for 2011, I am working on unsubscribing as they come to me. It's quite liberating actually
  • Filters--I am not so hot on these since I want everything to go to one place, my inbox
  • Don't use your inbox for to-do items. Of course not! I am list maker and have a good system going already
  • Facebook--Trish suggests turning off Facebook alerts, but I don't log into Facebook anymore so the alerts are the only way I know if I get a direct message
  • Keep messages in inbox until I respond--I am all over this method
  • Don't respond to email all day--This is a tough one. Will someone pay me to have my job be answering my email? :-)
Thanks Trish! I hope everyone can take a little bit away from Trish's email organization ideas.

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