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Bloggiesta: Day 2 Update

I thought I'd report in since it's nearing the end of Day 2 of Bloggiesta. Oh fine, it's only 7:00pm and there are hours left, but I felt the need to show that I've made some progress today since I did nothing yesterday.

Completed tasks:

  • I updated my labels and tags. I could have sworn I did this just a month or so ago, but I found a bunch of missing labels and some mis-labeled posts so I feel really good about this accomplishment.
  • I added a progress bar for my 2011 Challenges to my side bar. I got the directions from Kate at The Neverending Shelf who just happened to do a post about this yesterday. How fortuituos! I like that I did rainbow colors even though they don't match the color scheme of my blog
  • I posted the books I've read so far in 2011 to various challenge pages (not on my blog, but on the hostess' blog)
  • I said I was going to put a "Connect with me" widget on my site (like Amanda's at Zen Leaf) so I emailed her, she graciously emailed me back the directions, I understood how to do it, then I decided not to (talk about lazy!). I'm going to keep her email and perhaps I'll do it during a vacation
Mini-challenges I did:
  • I read the organizing your books mini-challenge and it's what is pushing me toward doing Goodreads
  • I also read the buttons and banners post. I've done a bit of this using photoshop, but it was useful to read about it
  • Trish's email best practices was self-affirming since it's all the stuff I already do
  • 10 things bloggers should not do was interesting, but I didn't do a post about it myself
Still to do:
  • Figure out my reading schedule through May. This always sounds like such a good idea, then I come up to a book and I'm not really in the mood for it. But, I think it's better to do a little scheduling and reshuffling than to find I haven't gotten through the books I need for reviews (only a few) and challenges
  • Copyright my blogs. Aths from Reading on a Rainy Day suggested using Creative Commons so I am going to check this out tonight.
  • Request books through Netgalley
  • The big one is updating my Goodreads account. This could take me forever since it's probably been a year since I've done it. I think that's why I keep putting it off. This one may have to wait for a vacation. Or, I should give myself small goals: inputting books I've read in one month each weekend....
  • Apture. I used this for a little while, changed my layout and stopped using it. I just got an email from them saying they have new features. If I have time I'll look into it


Nicola O. said...

What'sinvolved in updating your Goodreads account?

Something I do sometimes is to just put a paragraph or so on Goodreads or Amazon with a link to the full review on my blog. I like to drive the traffic to the blog and it's less work. :-)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Nicola--I just mean putting the books I've read onto Goodreads. I don't know if I'll link reviews the first time around, just add the book to my read list and give it a rating. Maybe in the summer I'll add reviews.

Athira said...

Helen, I'll email you the directions for the Contact Me box. It's really easy - I took time only in getting an image for the Email Me thing, rest all were easy.

You seem to have done a lot! Goodreads updating is on my to-do list all the time!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--Thank you so much for the html code. I got it figured out!