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Super late Sunday Salon: Vegas Edition

Life and Family:
Yes, my Sunday Salon is days late, but I have a really good reason. I was in Las Vegas from Friday to Sunday with no Internet (I was not about to pay the Hilton so that I could have access to the Internet!). I am not really a Vegas person, but my daughter and I were there with her dance studio for PULSE, a dance convention put on by many of the choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance.

We arrived Friday afternoon, had a buffet dinner with the whole group (about 50 of us) then I took my daughter and her friend out on the strip so they could see the lights, ride the monorail, and go to Fashion Mall. It was fun, but tiring and quite eye-opening as we walked past the people "selling" tickets to peep shows by showering the ground with photos of the "live girls". YUCK!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in the Convention Center attending the PULSE event.

The bad and annoying--badly circulating air in the hotel and convention center (read: not seeing the light of day for 3 days), constant noise of gambling machines, and lots of cigarette smoke. Oh, and our flights both ways were 45 minutes late.

The awesome and amazing--traveling with a group of 40+ teenagers, all of whom were polite, respectful and fun! I enjoyed spending time with the dance teachers and moms who went as well.
Here's my daughter (on the right) and her friend with Dave Scott, hip hop choreographer extraordinaire

The choreographers (Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels, Dave Scott, Wade Robeson, Cris Judd, and Gil Duldulao) were all good teachers, amazing dancers, and the routines they taught the student dancers were great fun to watch. I definitely wanted to get up and dance, but knew my daughter would never forgive me. At the end of each session/class the kids got to get autographs and sometimes photos, which was also fun. The choreographers were so gracious and patient as a huge line of screaming teenagers eagerly waited their turns. And, of course, sometimes the moms got into the action too yes, my friend Maggie and I accosted Tyce Diorio in the hallway for a photo, but it's on her camera so I don't have it yet).

Not much excitment to report here. I definitely feel like the vacation-days season has arrived though. We had Veteran's Day and now Thanksgiving is here (Wednesday through Sunday!) then it feels like Winter Break is just around the corner. I am going overseas for the first week of Winter break so need to get started on that holiday shopping!

Books and Reading:
Like most book bloggers I have a stack of books I am supposed to read (for review, for both book groups, for challenges). But, I don't always seem to be in the mood for those books and I find myself wandering the shelves at work looking for the book that will strike my fancy. I don't like that feeling of books I "have" to read; I would much rather just choose as I go. What do you do about those "must reads" that stare you in the face?

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