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Book Cover meme

I saw this meme over at Bonnie's Books and thought it looked like fun. Instructions for this meme: Go to Amazon and do an Advanced Book Search. Type your first name into the Title field and post the most interesting or amusing books you find.

No surprise that most of the books that came up were about Helen Keller. All my life I've dealt with Helen Keller comments (just imagine the years when my roommate's last name really was Keller! Boy did that get old).

And the other books that came up were about Helen of Troy. Luckily, I've had some comments about Helen of Troy in my life as well, though not enough to boost my ego unfortunately. My face hasn't even launched one ship, let alone one thousand.

Here's a couple of the other "Helen" books that looked interesting:


Bonnie Jacobs said...

What got old for me was newly-introduced people singing (yes, SINGING), "My Bonnie lies over the ocean."

Helen's Book Blog said...

Bonnie--I can't imagine singing that song to someone named Bonnie, but that could definitely get old! I sing "Speed Bonnie Boat", a Scottish song to my daughter