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Sunday Salon: Halloween

Life and Family:
Since I live in the US Halloween is foremost on my mind today. Since most of the neighborhoods in our area have no side walks and no street lights there isn't really much trick or treating here. So, our part of town does this wonderful trick or treating along our little business strip for kids. The businesses get really decked out for it. The event was Friday afternoon, but we had to miss it for the first time (my daughter had dance classes until 7:00 pm). So, I took her and a friend downtown to the merchant's trick or treating time, which was really fun. The shops were decorated, tons of people were in costume, and we even got to enter our dog in a costume contest at the doggy cafe/shop.

My daughter went as an M&M (obviously). We could only find an adult costume so had to cut extra arm holes since the real ones were down by her knees!

I really feel as if I haven't done my "real" job the last few weeks, this past week in particular. Our new website allows parents and students to have accounts, which is awesome. They can log in and see personalized calendars with sporting events, homework, and test dates as well as their weekly grade reports. However, that means activating 1900 student accounts and I am in charge. We're more than half way through the process and it's going well. It just takes me away from the library so much!

Books and Reading:
My MUS Moms book group met this week to discuss Mornings in Jenin (go to the review to enter the international give away). We all really enjoyed it and so have chosen to read The Lemon Tree: An Arab, A Jew and the Heart of the Middle East for our next book. One of our members had just been in Jordan attending a conference about the Israel-Palestine situation so it was really interesting to hear about that in connection with Mornings in Jenin.

I am going to do my It's Monday and my October Wrap-up as one post for tomorrow.

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Amanda said...

Excellent costume!!