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It's too hot!

OK, I live in Santa Barbara. We're known for having fabulous weather (never really gets above 80 degrees, not humid, foggy in June).

Yesterday it was 108 degrees!

We do not do well in heat like this. We do not have air conditioning.

I know, stop whining; in Los Angeles it was about 115. But still, I'd like it to cool down a little please. Actually, my library was probably one of the coolest places at school yesterday. It was amazing: the students were SO subdued!


Athira said...

Whoa! That's really hot! It's finally getting cooler here and that feels so good.

Amanda said...

Oh man I'm so sorry. :(

Suko said...

Helen, my car "said" it was 104º yesterday. Now that the summer is past, it's summer! :D

But today is much, much cooler.

Unknown said...

It was in the high 90's here in NorCal yesterday. Today it's about 100. I don't have A/C either and the fan is blowing hot air.

Isn't it suppose to be Autumn?! :(

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I heard (114 degrees); hottest day ever in LA area...stay cool.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths, Amanda--Today was only 90 so it felt much better. Not good, but better.

Suko--I know! We had the foggiest summer ever in SB!

Marie--drink lots of water!

Bibliophile--I heard that too...the official thermometer broke at 113!

Anonymous said...

As soon as the unseasonably hot days left us, it headed your way. It just doesn't feel right to have so much heat when temps should be falling. Now, we have a drought. I hope that doesn't head your way, too.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Campbele--the heat is gone and now it's foggy/cloudy and high 60s! What a strange week.