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Sunday Salon:

Hmmmmm... not a lot to report on life. I feel like this past week flew with school starting. My daughter started 5th grade and really likes her teacher a lot! She is also excited that each student gets a laptop this year for school use. They borrow it for the year. Pretty amazing!

Day 22: Someone I would give up my life for without question
Obvious answer for me: my daughter. But, I can't even really allow myself to think about that.

Day 23: Most awkward first impression you feel you've ever given
I just don't know how to answer this one. I am sure that I have bungled first impressions, but none jump to mind. Gosh, I hope that isn't because I was so unaware that I'd screwed up!

Day 24: Something you did as a child that other people remember you for
Oh, this is embarrassing. It's got to be that I talked...a lot. I still do. People in my parents' generation remember that I could keep adults in their place by talking when I was quite young. I do try to stop myself, but I do a really bad job of it.

The first week of school is over! And what a week it was. In addition to all the craziness of textbook distribution (not my favorite part of the job) I also visited about 10 classrooms to do book talks to help students choose free-reading books. Actually, those were really fun since I got to talk about books and help students find the right book for them. One teacher was willing to go out on a limb with me and I created an online poll where, when I presented it to her students, they texted in their votes and we got instant feedback. That was really fun and felt a bit sneaky since cell phone use is banned on our campus. I think the students enjoyed that too!

We're starting a fun thing with our student assistants this year: I've created a blog and each week will post an assignment for them to do. They will post their response and comment on at least one of their peer's posts. I hope it works and is interesting for them.

Books and Reading:
Not a great reading week since I was crazy with work starting up again. I've got to find a rhythm for reading during the school year! I also realize that I need to be really careful about which book tours I say yes to so that I read what I really, really want rather than what I need to read.


Suzanne Yester said...

I love that you were helping some of the kids choose books to read! I never needed any encouragement, but I bet there are plenty of children out there that don't read because they don't know what to read.

It's always hard to fit our "day jobs" into our reading schedules! I know you'll squeeze some in though!

Athira said...

My reading hasn't picked up either - I stopped accepting review books for now. I have a pile left to be read at home.

I love it that you "talked a lot" as a child. I love kids who can do that - I wish I were more talkative as a kid. It's a really endearing quality to have. ;-)

Amused said...

Wow, all of the kids get a loaner laptop for the year in your daughter's school? That is the coolest thing!

wisteria said...

Wow...What grade are the students getting the laptops?
Sounds like you had a fun week..busy, but fun.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Suzanne--Many students say "I need a book". What kind? "A good book". Hmmmm. They just don't know enough about themselves and their reading habits to even know where to start. So I try them on some tried-and-true goodies hoping something will stick!

Aths--not accepting reviews is a great idea. I have such a huge TBR pile and so many good books at the school library that I'll never run out.

Amused and Wisteria--Yes, laptops in 5th grade (some of which are now 4 years old or so). They leave them at school, thank goodness.