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Sunday Salon: No special topic, just life

Life is just cruising along here this week with not much new to report. I got a clean bill of health from the dentist and the doctor so that's always good news! Oh, I did take my daughter and my 3 nieces to the local zoo, which was really fun. We used to go all the time when my daughter was really little. We have quite a cute zoo in Santa Barbara and even got to see the penguins being fed.

30 Days of Insight (Day 10): Describe a dream I've had in the past week.
Sadly, I have nothing to write about for this one. I cannot remember any of the dreams I've had in the past week!
I go back to work next Tuesday for staff in-service days. This year's should be pretty good since the teachers formed a committee to decide what we're doing. And, we managed not to hire any outside people this year (whoooopeeee). I am going to have a crazy first month back since the beginning of the school year is always nuts and we're switching to a new website (I am the webmaster) and we're also going to change our email (I am an administrator on that too). So, I'll be doing lots of trainings for our staff on how to do 2 switch-overs by mid-October!

This was a Costco buy

This was also a Costco buy 

I won this book from a give away on Book Mac, so thank you!

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