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Review: Perfect Shot (Rigaud)

Title: Perfect Shot
Author: Debbie Rigaud
Genre: YA romantic comedy
Pages: 281
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Challenges: POC, YA
FTC Disclosure: I won this book from the author through the POC challenge and I am going to add it to my school's library collection
Summary (from the back of the book): London Abrams' first love is volleyball, so why does she enter an online modeling competition? Answer: superhottie Brent St. John. London spots Brent signing in contestants at a store, and she gets in line simply to say hi. But she never dreams she'll make it into the competition!

London's now up against fourteen hungry fashionistas willing to do whatever it takes to win. All she wants to win is Brent's heart... but the money prize couldn't hurt. If London plays this right, she can win the contest, the boy, and the cash. GAME ON!

Review: It turns out there is a series of sorts of romantic comedies published by Simon Pulse. I've only read Jennifer Echols' The Ex-Games before this one. They are fun, funny, and perfect summer reads.

The characters in this book--mostly London, Brent, her best friend Pam, but with a host of secondary characters--are all believable. They have normal dialogue and actions and I liked the main characters. They would be people I would enjoy having as students. I especially like that London is a strong female. She plays volleyball well, is a good student, and gets along with her family. Yay, a "normal" teenager in a book.

The story line was also good: competition; dating/crushes; goals and dreams. It's all good and will definitely appeal to high school students. There's a good combination of funny parts, serious parts, and everything in between. However, there is no violence, no drugs, no alcohol, no sex. Amazing!


Collegiate Bookworm said...

I haven't read a lot of the Simon Pulse Romantic comedies either, but this one sounds good. I love that London is a POC and strong to boot.
Maybe I'll grab this one and donate it to my local library as well. Our POC books are lacking in the YA section.

Thanks for reviewing this one- it's definitely in my to read pile now!

Kerleisha @ Collegiate Bookworm

MissA said...

This was the first Simon Pulse RomCom I read. It was an adorable (I adore the cover too. A beautiful Afro!) read and I really enjoyed it. I loved Pam, the HDQ. She kept me laughing. I also liked that London was 'normal', someone I could easily see myself meeting and she played sports. *shocked gasp* So many books feature non-athletes. Maybe it's just me but most of my friends play at least one sport, including me.

Glad you enjoyed it =)

@collegiate Bookworm-Do it, donate! haha

BTW I was surprised that Party by Tom Leveen doesn't have any Latino characters. in California?? Does it have Asian characters?

Helen's Book Blog said...

Kerleisha--This was a fun one and donating it to your local library is a great idea!

MissAttitude--I love her hair, too. Re: Tom Leveen's book, Party. No Latino characters, which did bum me out (especially given the SB population!). He does have African-American and Middle Eastern characters though.

Athira said...

I like the cover of this book. I haven't heard of this one, but I'm going to check it out now.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I really like this series of covers too. If you're in the mood for a fun light book this is a good one

Amanda said...

I just saw this at the library yesterday. Good to know it's good.