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30 Days of Insight: A thank you letter

Day 5: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

My first reaction was to write this letter to a family member, but I just couldn't pick one over the others. So, I am writing to Ron, the man who taught me how to be a teacher.

Dear Ron:
It's hard to believe you and I first worked together 17 years ago! I was so wary of entering the UCSB Teacher Credential program, especially as an "older" student. Was I making the right choice? Would I be a good teacher? With your easy-going style and high expectations I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands.

The student teachers always joke that you are Obi-Ron-Kanobe since you seem to know everything. And you impart that knowledge upon us in creative ways, showing us how to engage our students in the act of learning. You are the reason I became the teacher I am. You taught me great activities, methodology, a sense of how to create a unit, and more. But most importantly, you supported me and showed me that I was good in this new role. You encouraged me both when I was doing well and when I floundered. And, when something wasn't working you helped me figure out how to fix it. Most importantly, you taught to believe in myself and my abilities and to take risks with my teaching. In my 16 years as an educator I have never balked at a challenge, never hesitated to test out new methods or technology and that stems from my first year of training.

So, thank you! I loved being a classroom teacher and now love being a Teacher Librarian. I believe I bring all those ideas that you instilled in me way back when into the Library, making it a better place for staff and students. I also think it's great that you still visit me when you are on campus working with the current group of student teachers.


Athira said...

That's such a heart-warming letter! Thank God for people like Ron who inspire their colleagues to greater heights!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for teachers :)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths and Danielle--I actually sent Ron the link, realizing that I probably hadn't said those things to him so we've had nice emails back and forth!