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30 Days of Insight: Inspiration

30 Days of Insight: Day 2

I am inspired by so many things: the sun; kindness; those who have it tough and do amazing things; love; and more. But I am going to give a response to this topic that some might construe as corny, but it isn't because it's the truth.

Every day I am inspired to do my best, to make a difference, to have an impact, to be kind, to do and be more by my daughter. I want her to experience a world full of love, ambition, possibility, and fun. So each day I wake up and know that I will be the best I can be and make a difference so that she will do the same.


Anonymous said...

Aww I can't wait to be a mom! well...I guess I can because I am waiting to be done with school first among other things...but someday :) Great answer! have a good day.

Anonymous said...

With age comes wisdom and wonderful experiences :)

Unknown said...

I never had any intention of having kids, but I'm finding that more months that pass now that I'm married, I actually want kids and I want to do whats best for them.

Wonderful post!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Danielle and Marie--I had no intention of being a mom. Never had any interest, I don't really like babies, etc. But, I was 34 and married so I got pregnant. Having my daughter is honestly the best thing I've ever done. I cannot imagine life without her. She truly makes me a better person every day