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30 Days of Insight: Change

30 Days of insight: Day 9: What are five things you want to see change?

Wow, what a question! On a global scene? Local? Personal? I can think of so many so I will answer this question with some from each level or category.
  • Globally I would like to see a greater understanding of "otherness" so that hatred and cruelty would go away. Most wars, beatings, etc come from an ignorance of others so if we all understood and accepted one another's differences I think the world would be a better place. Girls would be educated as boys are, rape wouldn't exist, religious wars would disappear, and perhaps poverty would slowly disappear. I know, I am idealistic and it isn't reasonable to expect these things to happen. However, the question didn't say I had to be realistic
  • Locally I would like to see a change in the social stratification. I don't even know if I've used the correct word. But, I'd like to see the poor get more. If parents didn't need to work multiple jobs to feed and clothe their children they would have more time to participate in the educational system, they could spend more time with their families and, perhaps, then youth wouldn't need gangs to feel connected. Again, another pipe dream!
  • Personally I'd like to see me get off my butt and exercise. This is not a pipe dream, but I am just so lazy about it that it feels like one.
What would you like to see change?

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