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Sunday Salon: Like I don't have enough on my plate...

It's summer vacation for me so you'd think there wouldn't be all that much to report on the work front. And, officially, there isn't. But, unofficially, there's always something going on! I am in the midst of arranging to change to a new company for my school's website (I am the webmaster). It's going to be a great switch, but I'll have to do some quick talking to convince the staff.

I'll work one day of summer school next Friday just to collect textbooks. Not a bad gig! And, I am plotting and planning something with the Personnel Department, but I can't reveal what it is until it's a done deal (and that could take a while).

I didn't do a Sunday Salon last week since I was on an airplane jetting my way back home from Europe. Not a bad life! Our vacation was wonderful with plays, museums, parks, walking, yummy food, and some shopping.

I am someone who tends to take on a lot. Single mom, work full-time, 2 books groups, 2 blogs, webmaster and email administrator at work, coordinating the California Read-a-Thon, blah, blah, blah (you get the idea). So, check out what I just added to my plate:

If you are in education, you will understand this next bit. For a teacher, earning National Board is like doing a Master's Degree, but you concentrate on lessons, teaching, evaluating student work, participating as a professional outside one's school, and there is a long exam at the end. I am currently a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent/Young Adult History-Social Science. My certification expires in 2011 (it's good for 10 years). So... I've decided to do it again, but this time in Library Media Early Childhood through Young Adult. It means a TON of work between now and March 31 when all the portfolio work is due, then the tests by mid-June. Whew! Am I nuts?

Reading and Books:
I created a Middle East Reading Challenge over the past few days and hope to get some participants. Again, taking on too much? I hope not!

I am in the mood for quick YA books so I keep putting off books that I know I will like, but will take a bit more concentration (like Climbing the Stairs).


Unknown said...

I tend to do a lot of things at once. I was juggling about 15 blogs last winter before I decided I needed to cut back on a lot! But now all this free time just makes me... tired lol.

And in response to your comment, yes! I LOVE cold weather! NorCal doesn't usually get this hot! I'd understand Sacramento, but I'm inbetween Sac and SF. Then again, if I'm in need of cold weather I usually head to Daly City, it's winter there year round lol. SF has been warming up lately too, which I find... scary. It's usually cold there even in the summer time!

MissA said...

I am going to sign up for the Middle Eastern challenge! I'll do a post about it this Saturday (yay for an excuse to read more Randa Abdel Fattah). I love that it starts during Ramadan.

I just finished Climbing the Stairs, review coming in a few weeks. It was good, loved the WWII India references. Didn't love the main character.

Good luck on the National Board!

Athira said...

Well, you sound a lot like me! I tend to take up a lot of things too. Good luck for the preparations!! Hope you do get a lot of free time.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Marie--15 blogs?! I cannot even imagine! I know what you mean about free time making you tired. Obviously, I like to fill up my time as well.

MissAttitude--I am so excited that you're signing up for the Middle East Challenge! Climbing the Stairs is staring me in the face every day, but as I wrote, I keep picking "lighter" reads. My guess is I'll start it in about a week

Aths--Free time seems to get filled up with the computer: blogging, email, etc are such time-suckers (in a good way, usually)