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Sunday Salon: I am lovin' summer

Well, I have such a rough life. I worked one day of summer school this past week! Talk about a sweet deal. I just collected textbooks from the students. My daughter was with me during the morning class and was really helpful. I think she enjoyed being on a high school campus (she is 9), putting the books away, and getting new free pencils. I liked seeing students again and running into a few colleagues to do life "catch ups".

We have a new Advanced Academic Program on our campus this coming year and one of the teachers who is spearheading it asked me to run one of their evening seminars to teach the students about the library and doing research so that will be fun.

This past week was a nice one with walks along our beach/harbor area with friends, a meeting about my daughter's upcoming Young Writer's Camp out at  UCSB (I did the South Coast Writing Project there 10 years ago and loved it), and dealing with the cable company.

That last part has the potential to be exciting (we're getting HD!) but somehow the transition is never easy when it comes to these sorts of things. Cox Cable showed up and tweaked our internet so it's a bit faster (that's very fun!), but discovered that my Tivo box is too old to convert to HD. Ugh. So I found myself spending hundreds of dollars on a new Tivo box and lifetime service. But, it's gonna' be great because we will be able to watch our on-demand Netflix on the TV instead of my computer and we're going to get new channels (most importantly, BBC America!). And, since my Birthday is coming up next week my parents are going to pay for half of it all as my present. So, it's all good in the end.

Oh, today at 11:30 I'll be glued to the TV watching the finals of the World Cup game (the Netherlands vs. Spain)!

I have been adding books to the Middle East Reading Challenge, which begins on August 1. I'd love it if you'd spread the word about it to your followers. I had a fun reading week and just received The Ghost and the Goth as part of the We Love YA reading tour.

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