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Review: Boost (Mackel)

Title: Boost
Author: Kathy Mackel
Genre: YA fiction, sports
Pages: 248
Rating: 4 out of 5
FTC Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my school's library
Summary (from the inside flap): All Savvy wants to do is play ball--she's thirteen years old, six foot two, and her three-point shot is deadly. Even though she's new in town, she's got a chance to play for the elite senior basketball team, Fire. There's only one problem: she gets pushed around the court by the older, stronger players. Callie, Savvy's older sister, makes the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman. But during practice, she finds out she is too heavy to be a flier, the position she has always held. Both girls need to boost their games if they want to get off the bench and into the action. But just how far will they go to do that?

Review: This book is a good solid YA book that incorporates sports, friendship, growing up, family, being the new kid, responsibility, and the issue of steroids. The story flows, the characters are believable (though Savvy is perhaps a little too responsible for being only 13), and the issues the book raises are really important.

I wanted both Callie and Savvy to succeed and could see how easy it would be for both or either girl to get pulled into the world of stimulants. One needs to be thinner, one needs to be stronger. It's not like they're doing "real" steroids all the time.... Or are they? This is such an important issue (as is eating disorders, which also make an appearance).

I wanted to love this book, but didn't. It was a quick easy read and I liked it, but didn't love it.


Athira said...

This book kind of sounds interesting. The theme is definitely nice. I'm not sure if it is a book for me, but I sure can give it a try.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--You're right; it's probably not your type of book :-)