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Bloggiesta update

I had all great intentions of doing the Bloggiesta full blast this weekend, but find I am getting ready for my trip and entertaining my daughter (and yes, watching England vs. US world cup soccer). But, I have done some things:

  • Sidebar: I checked out and slightly rearranged my side bar. I realized that I like it the way it is; not too much clutter
  • Social Justice Challenge: I labeled my reading schedule calendar with the topics for each month, checked my shelves for books to assign to each topic and discovered that I'll need to get different books from my school library to satisfy those requirements. I'll work on this when I am at school one day this summer
  • Global Reading Challenge--I had chosen a good South America book, but it's out of print. I have a difficult time with South American literature because I am not into magical realism. I think I will find a non-fiction book to read (again, from my library).
Time spent so far: about an hour or so

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