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Sunday Salon: May Madness

Another Sunday? How does that happen so quickly?! Happy Mother's Day to anyone who is celebrating today. And, if you aren't, happy Sunday!

For some reason I am tired at the end of this week. Perhaps it's because I spent 2 of the days moving TONS of heavy textbooks. Also my Library has been closed a lot this week due to AP testing and that gets a bit boring since I don't get to interact with the students as much.

Friday night I took my daughter and a friend of hers to see my school's production of Grease; it was so much fun! And yes, I know there is drinking, smoking, swearing, and talk of sex, but it was all ok. 9-year-olds think people who drink and smoke are idiots and they didn't get the subtle references to virginity, etc. And in the car on the way home we talked about how Sandy shouldn't have changed for Danny. Actually, the girls knew a few of the students in the play because they dance at the same studio. I think that is the thing that had the biggest impression on them.

I remember when I was in high school and I'd go to the spring shows, I'd always end up with a crush on one or more of the actors. As an adult I realize it's their ability to be someone they aren't, to sing, dance, and really let loose on the stage. It's such an appealing ability. It doesn't hurt that theater kids tend to be interesting and bright as well.

May Madness is an annual event at the Music Academy of the West here in Santa Barbara. People donate their stuff so others can buy it. Sort of like a high class garage sale (a friend of my mom's once bought a painting for $2,000 that turned out to be worth $57,000!). Anyway, I went just for the book section and managed to buy 9 books for $9. 3 are for me and 6 are for my school library. Here's what I got:
 I enjoyed The Namesake so hope this one will be good too.
 I like Anita Shreve's books and am a sucker for all things WWII/Holocaust
 Tsukiyama's The Samurai's Garden is one of my all-time favorite books. I got Women of the Silk for Christmas (haven't read it yet) and this one is the sequel.

Anyone have any input on any of these three books?


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! I'm having a happy Sunday over here ;)

I totally LOVED Grease when I was a 10 yr old (had a crush on Travolta -- boy was I upset by Staying Alive after that ;) and cannot imagine it being performed by any other cast. LOL

I have read The Samurai's Garden and Women of the Silk and loved both. But The Language of Threads is still on my shelf... you never know: we might read it together sometime! :)

Steph said...

Happy mother's day, Helen. When I was about 10, I thought Grease was great. Even to this day -- 30 years later -- some of the songs are stuck in my head.

These books look great, especially Unaccustomed Earth. Enjoy!

Athira said...

Happy Mothers' Day!

I like Jhumpa Lahiri, though I haven't read Unaccustomed Earth. Hope you enjoy your books. It's interesting, right, how nine year olds are wise about smoking being bad, then they slip in to the infamous teen years, and then come out at the other end of the bad years. LOL! Some times I wish people kept their nine-old selves.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Gnoe and Steph--I was 13 when Grease came out...the perfect age. We watched it twice in a row in the theaters the first time we saw it! And in 8th grade we didn't play pin the tail on the donkey at Birthday parties, we kissed John Travolta while we were blindfolded!

Aths--boy do I hope my daughter tries smoking, etc and hates it! I know she'll try things, I just want her to be smart about it all!

Ana S. said...

Happy Mother's Day, Helen! And enjoy your new books. I've yet to read Unaccustomed Earth, but it's hard to go wrong with Lahiri.

Elisabeth said...

Just found your blog, and like it very much. They are all excellent choices and you will like them very much. I have read them all, as well as everything else they have written. Happy Reading.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Nymeth--I am definitely looking forward to Unaccustomed Earth. Can't wait for summer so I can really do some major reading!

Elisabeth--Thanks for joining me on my reading adventure! Glad to hear the books are good!