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Read-a-Thon (mini-challenge: food)

Ooooo, another mini-challenge! This one is called "Feed Me Seymour!" and I just loved the movie Little Shop of Horrors so I couldn't resist this one.

This mini-challenge is hosted by Linus' Blanket. Let her know if we happen across any passages of food in our reading or we can also flip through some of the books in your Read-A-Thon stack(s) and find her a passage where the characters describe what they are eating or when they are actually eating – write up a post with the book, author, our selected passage and a picture of one the dishes- leave a link to that specific post on MckLinky and that’s it.

I am reading Carl Deuker's Gym Candy and he talks about 2 types of "food". The first is protein shakes and vitamins that the main character, Mick, is taking to try to bulk up when he plays high school football.
When I got a cup and added the powder to my mil on Monday, they both grimaced. "What's that?" Drew asked. "It's a protein powder." I stirred. Most of the powder dissolved, but some yellow stuff floated on the top.

The protein shakes and vitamins don't bulk Mick up the way he wants and he tries steroids (not really a food, but kinda').

"Mick, it's like this. Once guys get going on the candy, they like the results. They keep taking steroids because htey don't want to stop, not because they can't stop." Oh, and as an aside, I cannot tell you the disgusting muscle photos I found on Google when I typed in steroids! Ick!


Anonymous said...

I'm not reading today, so no food passages from me. I had oatmeal for lunch, though...gotta keep up with you readers!!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Congratulations - I see you won a prize on the readathon site :)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS for winning~ ;) Your book sounds interesting. Muscle drinks vs. Steroids? I'm not sure which is better, or worse. >.< Either way, I think I like my cousin's bulk-up process better: exercise and proper diet? ;)

Still, hope you're enjoying your reading! We've still got half a Read-a-Thon to go, but no pressure! It's all fun and games, and no one gets hurt. ;) Awesome, isn't it? XP


Helen's Book Blog said...

I am really excited to have won a prize for this mini-challenge. Reading about the steroids was painful; it makes me so sad that athletes feel they need to do this to their bodies so they can be more successful.