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Mid-Week Musings...

It's Wednesday and I feel the need to check in.

What I am reading: The Help by Kathryn St. I am REALLY enjoying this book! I hope to review it this weekend once I am finished.

Book Drama: I recently reviewed Nancy Redd's Body Drama. When I finished it I thought it was an important enough book for teenage girls that I took it away from its place on the shelves and put it on display with our other "new books". Yes, I cheat a little and put old books there that I think students will like. A few students have flipped through it and commented on the photos (remember, it's got photos of bodies). Yesterday one of our Assistant Principals called and left a message with my assistant that a girl had complained about the book and could I bring it down to talk to him about it. Yesterday was a crazy day so I am going this morning. We'll see what gets said...

Street art: I have 3 of our students working on a street art wall in my library! I'll post photos when they are finished. I must say it feels a bit clandestine buying spray paint and having them spray paint a wall in the school!


Bitsy said...

Hope all goes well with Body Drama. Actually because of your recommendation I ended up seeking it out myself and leafing through it and was really impressed by it. So impressed that I now own a copy! There were a lot of things in there I didn't know, which surprised me because I took all of the required classes at the elementary, junior and high school level. You have one person here rooting for you and hoping it all works out.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, please let us know how that discussion goes about the book complaint. You ought to become a contributor on my Banned Books blog, where we discuss banned *OR* challenged books. I would love to have school librarians give first-hand reports. Here's the link, if you are interested:

Athira said...

Whoa ... I find it funny that a student complained. When I was in 9th grade, I remember coming across a similar book. It had photos of bodies, plus photos of women delivering babies. At 14, I was VERY interested in that stuff, I think all girls are. But I would have assumed nobody would complain, because even the shy girls were interested.

I hope the book won't be banned. I also hope someone will talk to that girl to understand her viewpoint, and have a healthy discussion on why it's important that books like that stay on the front stacks (so that everyone can be informed now) than languish in the back stacks, leading to much misinformation among kids and later when they become adults. Do post us on how the discussion with the Assistant Principal turns out.

Anonymous said...

The Help is fabulous...I hope you continue to enjoy it.

And good luck with the book drama!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Thanks for the comments and support you guys!

Bitsy--So glad you liked the book; I think it's a great reasource for girls in particular

Bonnie--Thanks for the banned books link. I'll try to look at it tonight or tomorrow! You can see the update in my Victorious Wednesday post

Aths--I know, I think the girl complained because it turned out boys were looking at it and giggling and making comments. She probably felt vulnerable.

Thanks Jill! Such a relief that it's over and resolved so easily!