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Sunday Salon: A great week

I had a really fun week. Tuesday was March 2 was Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' Birthday. We have a teacher at my school who is also an actor (before becoming a teacher he was in Hollywood movies) and he is really supportive of my library. He did a theatrical reading of Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. He brings instruments like train whistles and kazoos, which he hands out to the students so that there is audience participation. I know this video is long, but check out part of it; it's really fun.

Friday and Saturday I was down in Palm Springs (CA) for the CUE conference. I already did a bit of a post about this, but am now home and have this happy-technology glow going on.

One of my frustrations is trying to get teachers at my school to integrate more technology in their lessons. I understand that it feels like one more thing to do and the classroom teachers feel they are already pressed to "get through the standards", but technology can be integrated without adding on time to their lessons. I also understand that it's scary when one isn't sure how to do the technology. None of us, teachers in particular, wants to look stupid or uninformed, especially in front of students!

One of the presentations I went to on Saturday (Digital Storytelling) was awesome and the presenter had a great quote that I am going to try on the classroom teachers at my school: Teachers think of technology as something to learn, a challenge, and difficult. Students don't think of it as technology, but as something that just is; it's a part of their life. Wow! That's so true! It's really the adults that worry about technology. The students already know that.

I am trying to figure out how to show you how easy it is to make voyages with Google Earth. When I can figure it out, I'll do a post.

What's the coolest technology or web 2.0 that you use or would like to learn about?

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