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Not your ordinary book post

I feel as if I haven't posted all week. Hmmmm. Maybe that's because I haven't. I have gotten so used to reading YA books that are so quick and easy that when I get into an adult book or a classic, which is what I'm doing this week, it goes so much more slowly for me!

In the next couple of days I'll have reviews for both Olive Kitteridge and To Kill A Mockingbird.

The other thing that is occupying my time is that I am currently at the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, CA. CUE is Computer Using Educators (of which I am definitely one). Here's some thoughts:

  • The conference has as many men as women (so rare when I am used to attending teacher and librarian conferences)
  • Everyone, and I mean everyone is attached to their technology all the time: iPods, iTouches, cell phones, and laptops. In sessions (many of which are Apple oriented), in the halls, everywhere!
  • Sessions don't use paper! All presentations are posted online, which is so awesome.
  • I am a tech geek. I am really enjoying myself! I've gone to sessions on the following and can really see the applications for my library, working with classroom teachers, and even for this book blog.
Here's what I've learned about so far:
  • Using Google Books with Google Maps (and even Google Earth) to create Literature Trips
  • Using Google Earth to make online voyages (I am going to do this with my daughter)
  • Using iMovie for digital storytelling
  • Heard a panel discuss the new Model for school libraries standards
  • Using VoiceThread for book talks, commercials (read: events in the library), family and class conversations around a primary source
Off to breakfast and more sessions!

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