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Blog Improvement Project: Week 1

I am all over this idea. Having someone out there to help me go step-by-step in the organizing/improving of my blog? Sign me up! Bloggiesta got me started and I really enjoyed have direction for improvement.

Week 1 assignment: Create a to do list
  • Design--maybe hire someone to design a look (header, background, button) for my blog.
  • Design--I want to make some permanent pages now that Blogger has that option. Maybe I'll redo the posts from my navigation bar into pages
  • Posts--Figure out ways to improve Friday Fun posts
  • Twitter--Figure out better way to use Twitter. Right now I just push my posts to it, but don't ever check Twitter. Is Tweetdeck the best method?
  • Headshot--Look into gravatar and/or favitar. I like the photo I have, but if I get someone to design, maybe I'll have them include one of these
  • Copyright--Register three blogs (school, personal and California Read-A-Thon) with copyright
  • I'd like to get more interaction with my "readers" so I'll try to remember to put questions at the end of my posts to elicit answers
Well, any thoughts about my goals? Suggestions? Who did you use to design your blog? Do you use Twitter in a way that you are happy with?


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely recommend TweetDeck...it's columns make it easier to keep track of hashtags and responses.

If you do have a gravatar or favicon, I recommend it mimic the header or images in your blog...it makes it easier to remember people that way!

April (BooksandWine) said...

I use tweetdeck and love it! It shows me mentions, direct messages, and then regular tweets, and I can follow hashtags easily.
I think the best way to get good at twitter is to just continually use it. :-)

Best of luck with all of your goals!

Athira said...

Great goals!! I was planning to sign up too, but am running short of time, so will have to hold it off for now! I am still planning to do some of the things you are doing - like copyright, blog design, gravatar, and so on!

I also just noticed the Blogger Pages! Yippeee!! That was long due!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I love that you have goals! I do this once in a while and it really helps me to list them. Have fun!

Unknown said...

Thank you for joining BIP! You have set some great goals there.

I love Twitter and love tweetdeck. I think the best way to get noticed on twitter is to be useful - every time you find a wonderful post on someone elses blog then tweet a link to it. Soon you'll be spotting great links from other people and become addicted!

Good luck with all your goals!

Helen's Book Blog said...

I have tweetdeck at home and work (since I have personal and work accounts). I guess I just have to have it open! I think if I had it open I would get used to seeing the tweets and it wouldn't seem so overwhelming.

Suzanne Yester said...

Great post! It's so satisfying to work on your blog! I'm going to have to check out the permanent blogger pages because I had no idea! Thanks for sharing that and all your goals! It helps us all!