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POC Challenge

Here's the scoop on the POC Challenge:

Come one come all to the POC (Persons of Color) Reading Challenge. This challenge was put in place to have myself and others read POC authors and books. There will be a master list to choose from, I am researching now and asking the experts for help in this. I would love for everyone who is participating to suggest a book or two in the comments for the master list if possible.

For this challenge all you need to do is grab the button from the side bar and add it to a post saying you are committed to reading POC authors and characters in this coming year. You do not have to pick your books now but you have to sign up to a level of how many you will read. Leave a comment to your post stating how many books you will read this year and tada automagically you are done.

Level 1: Read 1-3 POC books
Level 2. Read 4-6 POC books
Level 3. Read 7-9 POC books
Level 4. Read 10-15 POC books (this is the level I am choosing)
Level 5. Read 16-25 POC books

Yet another challenge, but having looked at my books from last year, I don't think this one will add too many different books to my reading list. It will make me more aware of what I read and that's a good thing. Actually, I hope to add more Latino/Latina authors to my reading since that is the ethnic background of many of our students. I'll add the button to the books I've already read this year that count:

  • Aya, by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie (written by and set in Ivory Coast)
  • American Born Chinese, by Gene Luen Yang (written by a Chinese-American)
  • Invisible Lives, by Anajali Banerjee (written by an Asian Indian)
  • Pedro and Me, by Judd Winick (About a Cuban-American, partially set in Cuba)
  • Pride of Baghdad, by Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon (set in Iraq)
  • Shanghai Girls, by Lisa See (set in China)

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