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A Photographic Interlude (stolen from Eva)

I just read a post by Eva at A Striped Armchair who got a new camera and is having fun with it. I am someone who is obsessed with taking photos (just ask my daughter who gets pretty sick of it) and thought I would steal Eva's idea and post some of my own. And, um, I do think this is me procrastinating a bit on getting through my Bloggiesta to do list!

Buildings are fun to photograph because they don't move and have interesting angles and reflections (Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC):

I also enjoy taking pictures of nature. However, nature doesn't always cooperate! As Eva pointed out, birds fly away! I love this one for the amazing sky colors; it's the beach at the end of my road:

One of the best things to take photos of are people, but I most enjoy catching them when they aren't posing. Unfortunately, that means lots of digital photos of mine get deleted (gosh how I LOVE that about digital!). But, every so often there is a gem like this one when my mom was helping my little niece put on her bathingsuit; I feel like I really caught the moment.


Tiina said...

Lovely pictures! Photography is such fun, isn't it? :)


Eva said...

What wonderful photos! My favourite is the last one; just so adorable and full of life. :D