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Bloggiesta: Setting Goals

This "assignment" comes from The Book Lady's Blog and is a really good one for me. I don't have a huge amount of time this weekend (24 hours, but that includes some sleeping, which I will not sacrifice), but know if I set blogging goals I will continue to work on them past this weekend. So, without further ado... (addition to post: I am reading other bloggers' goals and adding some ideas)
  1. Change my layout. I like what I have now, but it isn't really "me". I'd like to change the colors, make the background simpler, and add a navigation bar at the top: About, Reviews by author, reviews by title, reviews by genre, Contact, Challenges, Contests, Awards, Interviews
  2. Write an About Me post
  3. Figure out how to make post templates for It's Monday!, Tuesday Teaser, Friday Fun, and my book reviews
  4. Add an explanation of my rating system
  5. Add a "back to the top" button (thanks Neverending Shelf)
  6. Create a blog button
  7. Create a gravatar (I've seen this on a few blogs so am going to check out what it is)--oh, I already have something like this, I just didn't call it a gravatar. So, that was easy.
  8. Add tags to book reviews related to my rating system and update my blog roll (got this idea from Debbie's World of Books)
  9. Figure out how to see stats about my blog...anyone have suggestions?
  10. Learn how to re-post a post when it's updated, meaning it would show up at the top of my blog, not back where it originally was posted.
  11. An obvious goal is to increase followers, but in the last few days I joined Book Blogs and I've added 15 new Google Friends, so I think I am going in the right direction on that.  I also "push" my posts to Twitter (though I never check it, bad blogger, bad blogger) and Facebook
  12. Go to Website Grader and see how I do (I am VERY SCARED to do this)--it could have been worse, but I don't even know what some of it means (alt on images and metadata)
  13. I am putting on a California Read-A-Thon for California schools (April 16 and 17, 2010) and want to make that blog a 3-column, email people within the California School Library Association system to advertise the event, and create a prize post
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    Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog said...

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic goals for the Bloggiesta! I was very resistant to Twitter in the beginning, but I changed my ways in the last six months or so and have found it to be a really fantastic way to make new connections and grow my blog. Best of luck in 2010!

    Eva said...

    Good luck Helen-that's a bunch of goals! :)

    Amused said...

    Great work! You've got so many goals and are making such great progress!

    Anonymous said...

    Great list! Good luck and have fun!