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Friday Fun: Photography

Last week I ordered and received a really fun book: Photo JoJo (turns out it's more than just a book) by Amit Gupta with Kelly Jensen. It has photography tips and suggestions, but the bulk of the book is photography craft projects. My daughter and I are all over that! So, last Saturday we spent a few hours going to craft stores to get the supplies we needed for the projects we had chosen (this is long term). We even had to order some supplies on the Internet. Over the next few months we plan on making:
  • Photo montage for my bedroom wall
  • Messenger bag (photos printed on fabric makes the bag)
  • Purse (photo printed on fabric makes the lining)
  • Snow globe
  • Temporary Tattoos (for my daughter to give to her classmates for Valentine's Day)

Well, I am really into photography so I immediately jumped onto one of their suggestions: take a photo every day for a year. They also suggested giving yourself a theme if it helped so I gave my daughter the task of deciding my weekly themes. Theme for this week? Red. It was interesting how I started to notice red things in my life! Here's a couple of my un-edited red photos from the week (American flag in my library and my daughter about to sit on a whoopee cushion):


My assignment for this coming week? Shoes.

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Angie said...

Love the idea of a theme. great pics! My camera is an extension of my hand, this book would be a lot of fun.