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Blogging Questions

Oh great bloggers, I have three questions that I hope you can help me with (keeping in mind that I use Blogger)...

  1. If I goof up and post a post too early (as I did with my Gringolandia review), how can I make changes and post it at a later date? I tried editing it and saving as a draft, but when I re-posted, it reverted to its original post date.
  2. I also have an issue with font color. Brown. I want brown text. But whenever I cut and paste from somewhere (like a Word document or an email) the font is black. Then blogger doesn't have brown as a font color choice. Any suggestions?
  3. Anyone know how to create a template for a post (book review, for example)?
Thank you very much for any advice or help you can give!


Anonymous said...

1. The only way I know how to fix this is to copy the post to a word doc, delete it, then re-do the post.

2. I don't know, but can you find the html code for brown and then edit it in the html mode? Does that make sense?

Maria Grazia said...

1. When I post something by mistake, I usually copy it from the HTML mode, then paste it on a word document and save it. After that I delete the wrongly posted one(if you go to the list of your posts you can do it, it is on the right, next to each post). Then go to NEW POST, Html mode, paste the saved code and ...your post is ready, just like you wrote it.
As for the other matters,I really can't help. You should be very good at using HTML.

Suko said...

Helen, at least I can help you with your first question. It's easy to change the date (and time) on a post. Go to the edit mode and choose "post options". Here you may change the date.

Katy said...

There's a button in the post editor toolbar that will let you strip the code that your copied and pasted text brings with it from Word--the Tx button will "Remove formatting" and then your pasted text will match the default text you have set for your blog. :)

The other thing you can do is switch the editor button to "Edit HTML" and paste it in there, so it's just pasting the text and not any of the formatting from your word processor or email.

Hope this helps! :D

Helen's Book Blog said...

Thank you to all of you for your ideas and advice! I've fixed the color of my most recent post and the color of my signature so that feels good.

Now I just have to remember to fix the color of my post template and I think it will work for me! Yea for the blogging community!