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Bloggiesta: Sunday Morning Update

Ok PEDRO (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize)...here's my update for Sunday morning. Actually, I am really proud of myself for all the things I've done:
  • Wrote an About Me post
  • Made templates for posts and memes (and saved my html)
  • Added copyright to my blog
  • Added an explanation of my rating system
  • Added the "back to the top" arrow
  • Checked out gravatars (decided I didn't need to do this since I already like the one I use)
  • Re-did my tags/labels/categories. I went through every post and fixed the labels and I added my rating system to each book review
  • Did website grader....hmmm
  • Participated in almost all the mini-challenges
  • Read 2 graphic novels and posted the reviews
  • Read my feed reader and got rid of some feeds that haven't posted in a couple months
  • Updated my blog roll
  • I Googled Meta tags and created the html. But where do I put it? As a gadget? In the html code of my layout?
Now here's the things I still need to do (why do I always leave the toughest for last?)
  • Rearrange the order of my gadgets on the right side bar. This is difficult on my Mac so I need to go and do it on my mom's PC--done
  • Change my layout. What I really want is to find a simple 3-column with tabs layout where I can change the color. Anyone know of one? Then I want someone on the phone to walk me through the process! See update on "Please help me" post
  • Figure out meta tags and alt descriptions. What are these and how do I do them?! I did the meta tags and may not bother with the alt descriptions.
  • Figure out how to see stats on my blog. I've signed up with Google Analytics. Now I just have to remember to check it :-)
  • Learn how to repost a post so that it moves to the top of my blog instead of back where it was originally posted (is that even possible in Blogger?)
  • Create a blog button

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Anonymous said...

You've been very productive!