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Bloggiesta: Label-Fixing!

I did another mini-challenge and so far this one has taken me the longest and boy does it feel good to be done with it. I think it'll really improve my blog! Here's the scoop from Beth at Beth Fish Reads

This is the home of the Bloggiesta Labels/Tag Mini-Challenge. I hope you'll take this one on because you know your labels need some help. If you don't know what Bloggiesta is, pop on over to Maw Books Blog and read all about it. It's not too late to join in the fun.

I chose to go through each and every post and fix the labels/categories that are attached to each one. I only have 116 posts so far so my task was much less daunting than many others who will take this mini-challenge on! Then I got anal and went through each label and fixed it to read exactly what I wanted (for example, Author Interview instead of authors). And yes, my persnicketiness led me to capitalize all the old and new labels! But you know what? I feel SO much better! Now when I re-do my layout and add tabs at the top, it'll be easier to find the posts that belong under each label.

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