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I curse the Bloggiesta people! Actually, I don't. I am working so hard to make my blog better and at least I only have a few months of posts to deal with! Better now than later when I have way more.

Huge apologies for the next few posts. I am trying to put a navigation bar/tabs in my header and I can't figure out how to do it without creating these posts, so feel free to ignore them. I've figured out how to get the html onto a side bar, but not how to get it into the header. Perhaps when I re-do my overall layout colors I'll be able to better manipulate the header/navigation bar.

Does anyone out there have helpful hints for making a navigation bar/tabs in Blogger?

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Athira said...

I am also interested in putting tabs on top of my page. So if you figure out how to do it without doing any posts, I would love to know!! Have fun!