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A Surprise Trip!

I got a wild idea yesterday at about 4:00...what if I surprised my daughter and flew us up to San Francisco for two days and a night? She'd see a big city decorated for Christmas, we could ice skate, check out the shop windows, it'd be so much fun! Uh...for $540 round trip? I don't think so! Ah ha, but with a little creativity (meaning stay until Monday) we go for only $100 round trip (and only 3 seats left at that price)! And, I got a last minute bargain on the hotel (just off Union Square), too. Wahoooooo! So, we're off to San Francisco this afternoon! She is SO excited! Oh, and I'm just a tad thrilled as well!


Bitsy said...

Wow, sounds like it's going to be a blast! Hope you two have a lot of fun!

Hull.Margaret said...

WOW what a great way to surprise and bless your daughter..A Random Act of Kindness..that bless you too.