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Review: The Morgue and Me (John Ford)

Author: John C. Ford
Genre: Fiction/Youth Lit/Mystery /Guys
Pages: 313
Rating: 4 out of 5
Summary: (from the inside flap):
Christopher just needed a job to kill time the summer after high school graduation. He didn’t expect it to be in the morgue. Or that he would accidentally discover a murder cover-up. Or that his discovery would lead him to a full-blown investigation involving bribery, kidnappings, more murders . . . and his best friend. And he certainly could never have predicted that Tina—loud, insanely hot, ambitious newspaper reporter Tina—would be his partner. But all of that did happen. And Christopher’s life will never be the same.With plenty of plot twists, red herrings, and dry wit, The Morgue and Me is a page-turning modern take on the classic detective genre.
Review: I like a good mystery so was looking forward to reading this one. And, I really like the cover. I had a difficult time getting into the book and almost gave up at one point, but something kept me going. I think it was the main character, Christopher. He's a guy who is just out of high school, but the author makes him someone who really loves his family, which seemed unusual for the gender/age group/genre. It isn't mushy-lovey-dovey stuff, but little comments thrown in throughout the book that give Christopher a solid grounding and I really liked that. So, I kept going and am glad that I did! I stayed up late last night to finish the book I was so into what was happening as all the loose ends of the mystery come together. I ended up going from maybe not finishing the book to enjoying it.

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