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Friday Fun

How this works: take some time on Fridays to blog about something non-book related (or semi-book related): family, movies, politics, religion, food, or an adventure you've had. Please link back to this post and leave a comment with a link so I can read your Friday Fun post!

For me, this week's Friday Fun has to be about Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love shopping when it's dark and the twinkle lights are on, hearing Christmas carols, decorating the tree, hiding presents so the family can't find them, and being cozy in the house when it's cold outside. And, I'll confess, I love the idea of Santa Claus! Christmas morning we still pretend Santa is real and it takes me back to being a kid when everything still seemed magical and new.

This is my little one with our small Christmas tree that we got this year and below she is performing with her school choir (they sang at Nordstroms!). Today we're going to Transition House (a shelter for homeless children and families) to choose a child to "sponsor". We get their Christmas wish list and then go shopping to get him/her a couple special things. I think it is SO important for my daughter to realize that the Holiday season isn't just about getting, but that giving can be even more satisfying and fun. Actually, this year she has saved up her allowance so that she can buy presents for various people, which makes me happy. She seems so excited about it.

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