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Sunday Salon: June 30, 2024


The Sunday Salon is hosted by Deb at ReaderBuzz.

Last Sunday I attended an face to face (read: Zoom) book blogger meet up. It was so much fun to meet other bloggers and to talk about books! Thanks Max!

This week I had my first dance performance. I took a Wednesday evening class all month in which we learned a bit more West Coast Swing each week. I discovered that I LOVE West Coast Swing (who knew?!). At least it was just for people in our studio so the stakes were low.

I am posting this a day late because on Saturday I began an Ireland adventure. For her 60th birthday, a friend is taking 20 of us to Ireland for a week. Yes, you heard that correctly, she is taking us. We'll spend 5 days in Killarney and the last weekend in Dublin. We're all converging from various parts of the US and Europe and I have met most of the people attending so it should be a super fun week. She even included some of our kids (the ones she knows well) so I met up with my daughter as well. Amazingly, the flights and transfers all went smoothly despite the "industrial action" happening with Air Lingus and that's who we're flying with from London to Cork.

I've brought 4 books with me on this trip, which may be a bit optimistic. However, we have 2 days of really long flights and I hope to relax for part of the time in Killarney.

Today (Monday) is our first official day in Ireland. We went to Ross Castle then my daughter and I walked with 2 others through the National Park to the town of Killarney. We had a late lunch in Murphy's pub then we headed back to the hotel to rest and hang out. Tonight is a dinner with all of us, which should be raucus.

Here is is the current state of my 2024 challenges

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